Inland Trucking

There are 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities directly under the central government, 2 special administrative region in China.[more]


For some over-wide, over-high cargo which cannot be transported by truck in China.We can help you arrange a suitable barge for those cargo. [more]


RORO Service:China-South America/Africa/Southeast Aisa/Europe/Middle east.Breakbulk Service:China-South America¡­[more]


There are more than 50 major ports in China as below. We can provide high quality, safe port service, with a competitive prices in those¡­[more]

About US

Safe-trans international logistics Limited is focusing on project cargo's logistics service within China, export&import China.
Established in 2007, we focuse on the door to door logistics services for special and oversize cargo all over China. Our advantage is to provide project cargo's logistics solutions services, international air freight, Breakbulk& RORO ocean freight service from China, trucking service, barging service, port services all over China.We own the professional team and lots of experience.[More]

Our Advangtage

  • 1.Trucking service all over China
  • 2.Inland transportation from China to Mongolia and Mid-Asia
  • 3.Door to Door logistics solution for project export from China
  • 4.Pre-carriage service for wind power equipments in China
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